Ministry Finance hiring

ride the info ..... Ministry
Finance hiring
as many employess 2909 FY 2013 that will
occupy positions in the unit Echelon 1 a.l.
Secretary-General, DG: Budget, Taxes, Customs
Customs, Treasury, Wealth
Country, and the Directorate General of Debt Management,
Inspector General, Board Policy
Fiscal, and Financial Training Agency.
Didpt tsb number of qualifying
education as follows:
¤) org 591 S1 = Accounting, Economics 53
org, org Law 429, Management 121
org, org Statistics 69, System
Org 60 Information, Information Engineering
57 org.
¤) D3 = 10 Nautical Cruise org,
Org cruise Teknika 10, Accounting /
Finance & Banking / Taxation /
Org 1000 Tax Management, Engineering
Informatics 172 org, Management
Informatics / Computer Engineering 27 org,
Chemistry / Chemical Analysis 20 org, Pharmacies /
Analysts Pharmacy 10 org.
¤) = Sailing Nautical SMK 40 people,
Teknika cruise org 40, Technique
Engine / Naval Architecture / Engineering
Telecommunications 80 org, Mechanical Engineering /
100 org Electronics Engineering, Chemistry / Chemistry
10 Industry org, and Pharmaceuticals / Pharmaceuticals
10 industry org.
Registration requirements and procedures can be
seen in http://rekrutmen.kemenk/
Online registration opened on 6-20
September 2013.
Implementation Exam knockout
include: Selection Adm, Test Capabilities
Basic, Psycho, and Health Test
Fitness, Interview (for S1).
During the selection process / test does not
any charge, passing only
determined by the ability and
competence of applicants.


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